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  Does my business qualify for a Cash Advance?

If your business is running for over 60 days with at least $10,000 in bank deposits per month, you qualify to apply for a business cash advance.

  Does my credit rating play any role in the approval?

Although our in-house financial analysts do check your credit rating, it does not play a pivotal role in the approval. Hence, those with poor credit ratings may also apply for and receive funding from us.

  How can I use the capital when I receive it?

Any way you like. You can purchase additional inventory, advertise, expand, pay debt, payroll or renovate. It is completely up to you.

  How much will I get?

Through our small business cash advance program, you may receive $3,000.00 – $1,000,000.00, based on the revenue generated by your business.

  When will I get the money in my account?

if everything is in place, you will receive the funds in as little as 72 Hours from when you complete the application.

  Can I get better rates on my credit card processing?

Our goal is for you to succeed. We will run a complete analysis on your current rates and cut costs whenever possible.

  Can I get more money down the road?

Absolutely. Once you get funded the first time, we begin building a relationship with you. This enables us build your business credit with us in order to provide you with more funding when you need it most.

  What if I don’t accept credit cards, do I still qualify?

Absolutely. We have a variety of different programs that we offer to cater to your needs.

  How can I apply?

1. You can reach our Target Advance Funding Specialist at: (888) 446-3643
2. You can Apply Now online
3. Send an email to: apply@targetadvance.com

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